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Manufacturing companies everywhere are seeking more value from their existing investments. Better service management helps to control costs and enhance performance. Increased competition driven by outsourced service providers has driven the demand for strong management so that target service levels are achieved.

We understand the goals of industrial manufacturers to produce product to meet market demands in a way that is timely, cost-efficient that meets ever greater competitive forces. The provision of information required to support these requirements, however, can be demanding and complex.

We have extensive experience in supporting manufacturing clients from the world’s leading battery manufacturer to a leading European car manufacturer.

We understand the savage competitive pressures facing many in the manufacturing sector. Manufacturing continues to focus on stringent cost control and any systems improvements require true cost-benefit justification. HelpLINE has repeatedly delivered success for major manufacturers - just as production efficiency is vital, we believe it is essential that modern manufacturing organisations are supported with top quality Service Desk functions.

When your service management is optimised through HelpLINE, we ensure that down-time for your team is reduced and your people are more productive. Similarly where HelpLINE is used to support your dealings with external suppliers and customers, they benefit from an improved service experience.

How HelpLINE has benefited Manufacturing sector clients:

  • Easily customised to meet demanding Service Desk needs
  • Reduced central support workload
  • Self service capabilities mean that your Service Desk workload is reduced and central support costs and workload are better managed.
  • Improved productivity gained from automated Service Desk functionality


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