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At a time when IT and Technology organisations everywhere are seeking more value from their existing asset base, service management is a highly valuable tool to manage costs and enhance revenue opportunities. In the telecommunications and technology sectors there is a diverse range of mission-critical infrastructure that connects your assets together both internally and to your customers

IT and technology companies are under continual pressure to deliver high quality service to their customers in highly competitive markets. HelpLINE has been proven in the sector over a number of years to improve the efficiency of Service Desk functions.

We have successfully delivered Service Desk solutions that address the business critical requirements of our IT customers. HelpLINE delivers the information and platform to help you achieve your service level agreements.

We pride ourselves in providing high service levels to our customers which is backed by high-level training and on site consulting support for your Service Desk and support staff as required. Our service enables IT sector businesses to meet their customers’ service expectations.

How HelpLINE has benefited IT and Technology sector clients:

  • HelpLINE’s functionality has improved the recording of software modules, bug tracking and version control at customer sites
  • Each system can be configured with customised notification and escalation
  • Proven to deliver improved service levels to customers
  • Proven to improve the productivity of support staff

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