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Financial services organisations are faced with a number of exacting challenges. HelpLINE supports Service Desk management in large financial service and banking groups.

Although a diverse sector, most areas such as banking, capital markets and insurance all face similar challenges. They have to efficiently provide financial services and handle financial risks and transactions in such a way that customers are satisfied. They must deliver a competitive return for shareholders and also be considered good citizens in society adhering to latest regulations and Best Practices such as the recent FSA initiative on “Treating Customers Fairly”.

Today's ever-changing business environment demands new solutions that will support rapid regulatory and consumer changes, enabling your business to operate compliantly and efficiently. HelpLINE is a tool that helps you to maintain customer loyalty by providing high levels of IT services to thousands of employees so that they can improve their productivity and deliver consistent customer focussed service.

How HelpLINE has benefited IT and Technology sector clients:

  • Supported service management Service Desks across growing international banking businesses
  • Delivered improved Service Desk performance for institutional banking, corporate banking and private banking operations
  • Proven to assist with cost reduction, risk mitigation, service improvements and compliance with legal requirements


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