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HelpLINE supports business strategies that require industry Best Practice standards in customer service. It delivers transformational improvements in customer service performance, quality and business efficiency.

Our client loyalty has been outstanding – here is what 4 clients said in a recent customer survey.

1. Random House Group
“BadgerNT...customer service is second to none”

Dear Jennie
I read your strapline at the end of your email "Enhancing customer service is both our profession and our passion" and I would just like to comment that you can display your slogan with pride as your customer service is second to none, being at the highest level in the industry.
Many thanks for your great work and continued support.
Kind regards
Jean-Michel Jack, Random House Distribution Centre

2. Microdec Plc
“HelpLINE …. improved productivity and service to our customers”

“We purchased HelpLINE because of the software, but we were also looking for a partner who would support and respond when our operations needed it. BadgerNT gave us that level of confidence at the beginning and the people there have proved that initial confidence to be well placed. HelpLINE has enabled the help desk at Microdec to provide improved productivity and an improved service to our customers.”
- Andrew Eyre, Customer Support Manager – Microdec plc

3. Energizer Holdings
“ HelpLINE …. improved the profit performance of our whole help desk organisation”

“We decided to stay with HelpLINE and expand our use of it because the web interface enabled us to roll-out our Service Desk facility to other regions more efficiently. It has improved the profit performance of our whole help desk operation by allowing us to centralize our support services. We have already rolled-out to the Asia/Pacific region and plan to include the South American region at some time in the future.”
- Ken Grobe, Project Manager – Energizer

4. Haymarket Publishing Group Ltd
“HelpLINE …. enabled me to measure the effectiveness of our help desk operation for the first time”

“The system enabled me to measure the effectiveness of our help desk operation with real-time reports for the first time. I was able to detect trends as they developed and act quickly. HelpLINE boosted the productivity of the team with improved service delivery to our customers across the company - 56% of calls were able to be resolved at the first call stage.
Customers are kept up to date with automated email when their incident is logged and again when it is resolved. HelpLINE is a highly flexible product that can be tailored to meet your business’s needs as they develop. The powerful technology enables comprehensive reports to be auto-generated to a web page for everyone to access.”
- Paul Janes, IT Support Manager – Haymarket Publishing Group



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